What are the top 5 decor musts for any event?

What are the top 5 decor musts for any event?

Here are the 5 top decor musts for any event:

  • Draping

Incorporating elegant draping wherever possible at your chosen venue provides a blank canvas for the rest of your décor / lighting and simultaneously directs guests’ focus to strategic areas. Draping is ideal for transforming unattractive spaces into magical wonderlands – it’s cost effective and adds a sophisticated touch to the look and feel of any event.


  • Centrepieces

Centrepieces are the heart and pulse of event décor. By combining elements such as glass, crystal, candles and florals, you can create centrepieces that are key touch points to communicate the event theme, sophistication and mood. However, ensure that your beautiful pieces don’t block the line of sight to the podium or create obstructions between guests.

  • Event lighting

Lighting is one of the most important décor influences and needs particular consideration to bring the magic and sophistication of the event to life. Lighting transforms a room and creates varied levels of energy, dependant on the required mood.

Combined with draping, lighting adds a special element that cannot be achieved by other means.

By adding colour through lighting, you set mood and provide uniqueness to your function. From coloured ceiling lighting to string lights to pin spots, lighting provides ambiance and guides focus to unique features of the setting.

  • Colour

Colour defines so much of an event – over and above setting the theme; it sets the mood, feel and overall vibe of your event. Colour trends evolve constantly; some are classics while others go out of style along with the latest fads. Hot colours for events at the moment include colour palates of pastels and bright candies.

  • Flower Power

Whether gracing a table as a centrepiece or adding colour to your event, flowers breathe life into any venue. Placing bowls or vases of fresh or silk flowers on your tables creates inviting décor. Ferns, succulents, floral arrangements and water-growing bamboo are some trending items you can use. Flowers can also be cleverly interwoven into restrooms, entrances, and serving or buffet tables to add that intimate touch.