Was your last corporate function less than stellar?

Was your last corporate function less than stellar?

Themed event companiesHere are 3 reasons why your last corporate function was not your best, and what you can do to fix it.  

Security wasn’t up to scratch.

With so many people gathering for an event, opportunity for mishaps lurk around every corner. It is absolutely vital that you ensure your venue has secure parking and professional security guards present. This is especially important if your event expects to see celebrities or government officials. 

How you can fix it:
RBe firm in your request for security before making a deposit for a venue- the venue should especially make provisions for parking lot security! If they do not, also be firm in negotiatingnegotiate a way that the venue can assist you in costs for hiring security.

The venue wasn’t all that.

When you consider budget, pax, location, and style, venue options can minimise quite a bit. Chances are you are going to find venues that only meet 3 of 4 requirements. If you choose a venue that exceeds your budget, the event’s catering or entertainment might slack. If you choose a location that is too far, many guests may not attend. But if a venue’s only downfall is that it is not the most visually striking, you can still go for it!

How to fix it:
With the right selection of décor, you can turn an average looking hall into the stunning vision you have! Explore event décor hire options.

Themed event companies

You rely on Pinterest too much

.Pinterest is all good and well for creating mood boards, but when used as a main source of inspiration it poses two problems: time constraint and quality control. If you are organising a big event for a blue-chip company, DIY-type décor will turn into your enemy. Is implementing cute and crafty showpieces into a massive venue that is expecting dozens, or even thousands of people, really worth it?

How to fix it:
Opt for white-collar décor hire. While Pinterest might inspire you to use the fairy lights in the glass jar, rather turn to professionals who have all the right stock to keep the décor in a neat and uniform style.

Your theme was not concrete enough.
Maybe your guests got confused about what to wear, or maybe the theme didn’t transcend that well through the décor. For your next big corporate function, make sure that your theme is realistic and concise.

How to fix it:
If you want your guests to dress up, be very specific in the invitation because vague instructions could lead to poorly executed dress codes. Make sure that you convey your theme strongly when you network and advertise your event.