Top 5 convenient theme ideas for your corporate family function

Top 5 convenient theme ideas for your corporate family function

inflatable furnitureChoosing a theme for a corporate event can be nerve wrecking because of the extreme diversity of persons at hand. Your corporate team probably consists of a range of different personalities; from the boisterous office clown to the shy corner mouse. Next, we add in the range of husbands, wives and a clamorous group of children. How can you choose a theme that will most comfortably suit this jumbled clan? Look at these five theme ideas for helpful inspiration!

Diving into the decades

Hold on, we know that this one seems like it is used all too often, but it remains undeniably beneficial. Choosing a specific era means that the events décor is practically already planned out and can be set up in a jiffy. A wide range of costume ideas are available off the top of the head for anyone looking to be groovy, chic, or trying to take on the Yuppie trend.

Music genre

This one sparks a lot of humour. There is nothing that can liven a party up more than seeing your colleagues attired in dreadlocked wigs, leather jumpsuits or excessive bling and swag. It immediately ticks ‘create playlist’ off of your to do list and guarantees that other aspects like food and drinks remain flexible. 

Fundraising goal

Creating a theme around a fundraising goal is interesting because the final product of the event remains a mystery to all the guests. Travel ‘into the wild’ with a Safari theme by adding an African photo booth to the event, or use the opportunity to create an amusing kids-corner. Using your fundraising goal as a theme also means that your hard-working colleagues do not have to worry about splurging money on hiring costumes or buying accessories because outfits are easy-going and face paint is fun.

Into the future

This is one of the favourites because imaginations can run wild. Explore your own creativity and discover your colleagues’ visions of the future in an evening filled with intergalactic decorations, never before seen outfits or even an Armageddon corner.   For this corporate event the décor is really simple and fun- you could hire inflatable chairs and couches or decorate the hall with thousands of stars and moons hanging from the roof.

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Black and white

This theme promises for a breath-taking end product. Going back to the basics means minimal time spent on planning with an endless selection of adaptable decoration. Using black and white as a theme is as affordable as what it is easy and it calls for working with shapes and illusions freely. You could hire tons of balloons and cuddle them together or create arches, pillars and centre pieces with various black and white objects.

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