The art of stretch tent decorating

The art of stretch tent decorating

stretch tentsStretch tents are the saving grace for any event really. Hosting a classy event outdoors, but want ample space for dinner undercover? Stretch tent. Hosting a day event, where people will be in the sun for hours? Stretch tent. Worried about the weather on the day of the event? Stretch tent. Need an extra way to add dazzling décor? Well, yes- hire a stretch tent! It is the best furniture rental decision you can make.


Sometimes people underestimate the power of a stretch tent, mostly because they say it ‘lacks aesthetic appeal’. But this is far from true. Stretch tents do not look like gazebos, and in fact, they can give a top-notch, sophisticated touch to your event.

Here is how you can make your stretch tent act as a main attraction:

Manipulate lighting techniques

Fairy lights, neon lights and other lighting décor can transform an ordinary stretch tent into a spectacular dream, where each design is as unique as the next. Fairy lights are very dainty and elegant and neon lighting is vibrant and fun. Lighting décor can be manipulated anyway you want, so just decide on the theme and vibe of your party, and the right lighting technique will come to you!








Bring on the greenery

Stretch tents offer the opportunity to decorate an event beautifully without taking up space unnecessarily. Organise special plants (Spanish moss, for example) and flower arrangements neatly along the stretch tent surface and your guests will be in awe at its stunning appearance!











Drape it up

Incorporating soft, flowing drapery into your stretch tent design can also influence the outcome tremendously. Besides the endless styles that draping can create, it also adds a veil of privacy to your event and can help obstruct strong winds. The drapery can also be used to bring theme colours into the venue, subtlety or extravagantly!









There are tons of furniture hire ideas, décor draping techniques, and party planning tips for you to explore, so get your notebook ready and strat organising today!