The Art of Draping – Turn Spaces into Venues

The Art of Draping – Turn Spaces into Venues

Art of Draping

We’ve Been Draping for a Long Time!

Through our years and years of experience in event decoration, we still find that one of the most thrilling parts of planning an event is the creative process. Here’s where we get to transform ordinary, or even tacky places, into magical worlds. Skill is required to achieve this dramatic transformation, especially to conceal unappealing walls, doors, ceilings and fittings creatively.

Magical Event Draping

The look and feel of the venue sets the tone of the event. Dull and lifeless venues often need an overhaul to get up to standard for hosting guests. We want to ensure that every venue we decorate is tasteful and unique. Here are the common problems that we fix with our artistic event draping:

  • The venue is well suited overall; however, some areas are unsightly: exit signs, shabby windows, stages or structures
  • The venue is suitable but needs a completely different look and feel to fit in with the event décor theme
  • The venue’s ceiling is way too high for a soft, intimate feel
  • The décor in the venue is plain or outdated and lacks the “wow” factor
  • There is no walkway to guide guests into the venue
  • There is no place for feature lighting

Draping can solve the above issues completely. Whether you wish to transform a small, ordinary space into a completely fantastical space, or make a massive hall feel charming and more intimate, creative draping can create the perfect atmosphere and become a canvas for the rest of your event’s decor. 

elegant drapingthemed draping

We use draping for many creative uses, such as:

  • To lower ceilings
  • To transform unamusing spaces into elegant and exiting zones
  • To build a backdrop for creating lit walls
  • To add colour to the venue or compliment the décor
  • To create depth, mood and sophistication
  • To make spacious rooms more intimate to suit a smaller number of guests
  • To create corridors, chill zones or lounge areas

There are many creative way you can use décor to create rooms, dividers, dropped ceilings, bridal tables, ambient lighting backdrops and skylines to encase just about any event theme you can think of. Draping doesn’t always have to dominate your event décor; you can even use simple draping to add a finishing touch to your décor.