Switch Up Your Next Party With Our 5 Simple Tips

Switch Up Your Next Party With Our 5 Simple Tips

outdoor furniture for hireAre you bored of the same old parties at the same old locations with the same old food choices? We know that when you throw a party, you want it to be unique and unforgettable – we can help you! Read out quick tips below:

#Tip1: Add a floral touch to your event. Now that flowers have begun blooming, why not incorporate them into your event décor? Use dramatic, bold and blooming flowers to bring your event to life. Find flowers near you.

#Tip2: What about a different party location? Add a twist to your party by switching up the location. Changing your venue from a typical choice may be just what you need to bring your party to life!

No more typical party halls. Now that it’s summer, you can host parties outdoors, whether it be in an animal park, a rooftop venue or a garden, you can add a stretch tents to provide protection and shade so that you can enjoy your event outside. With outside décor and furniture, any location can be transformed into an absolute marvel.

#Tip3: Create comfy seating arrangements. Event seating has become a lot less structured than it used to be. Having a variety of relaxed lounge areas with different types of lounge seats and tables will make your party’s atmosphere very comfortable for all your guests. See outdoor furniture for hire.

#Tip4: Have you heard of interactive catering? This type of setup allows guests to walk around to different stalls that offer different types of food. Hire a chocolate fountain for those who have a sweet tooth, a coffee stall for anyone who needs a pick me up, or a savoury snack bar to keep your guests satisfied for the whole night. This way, less money is spent and less food is wasted.

#Tip5: South Africa has a culture that is like none other, so why not incorporate our local style into your event. Use bright, colourful décor, add delicious South African dishes and pump up the speakers with lekker Sokkie or popular kwaito music to get your guests jiving all night long!

Speak to us and we will make sure that you plan an event that is different from any other event! We have all the skills and equipment to make sure everything you need for your event, from furniture and décor to entertainment and photography, is taken care of. Click here to fill in our contact form.

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