New Year’s Eve Party - 4 Simple Tips That Will Make A Difference

New Year’s Eve Party - 4 Simple Tips That Will Make A Difference

event entertainmentIt’s that time of the year again and everyone wants to party. But, a New Years’ Eve can be an amazing celebration – or a disaster.

Here are a few tips, based on those shared by Preston Bailey, on how to throw a successful New Year’s Eve bash.

1. Start the party a little later

The longer people are at a party, the more they drink, become tired, and slowly fade pout and go home. You want the party to really start at midnight instead of end then. Start the party at 10pm so that everyone is just getting started when the New Year breaks.

2 .Don’t overdo the alcohol

It is unfortunate, but alcohol can lead to disasters – these include drunken arguments, people getting tired or tipsy and wanting to leave, and less well-behaved party guests. We aren’t saying cut the champagne toasts, but why not serve a nice champagne punch for the rest of the evening. No one needs to know that it isn’t very strong and this way guests can keep drinking at a reasonable pace without overdoing it.

3. Play games

Waiting for the 12pm countdown shouldn’t be the only entertainment of the evening. Try a fun ice-breaker such as going around the room and asking all the guests to share their new year’s resolutions. Alternatives include murder mystery games, karaoke, or game show games.

4. Don’t stop the music

Whether you are having a small party in your home or throwing the bash of the year, music is key! Compile a list of your favourite tunes, or even hire a DJ to entertain the crowd. Also ensure that you have a good sound system as no one likes poor quality sound.

Sound systems, lighting equipment etc. can be hired from most entertainment and party hire companies and are a great investment for an unforgettable night.

5. Stand out

To really make an event stand out from the rest décor is key. This type of event, as well as events such as a year-end function, disco, or birthday party, can be easily decorated with bold statements, unlike a wedding that is delicate and soft.

For a new year’s bash why not try a neon look and hire some neon furniture and décor, or a balloon arch for the entrance. For even more excitement have a themed bash with a fun and upbeat theme such as the 80’s, carnival, around the world in 80 days and son on.

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