How To Throw An Oscar Themed Party

How To Throw An Oscar Themed Party

professional décor hire companies All the good party themes used up? Don’t worry; we have some awesome ideas rolled up our sleeve!

How about feeling like a movie star for a night? We can plan a perfect Red Carpet themed party for you and your friends!


Lights, Camera, Action!

Here are a few five-star tips:

  • Dim the lights

Dimmed lighting sets a lovely ambience. Replacing bright lighting with dim lighting and adding spotlights to the event space will ensure that the décor and well as your guests look flawless and classy.

  • Add stars everywhere

Star confetti, glittering paper stars, star-patterned paper towels, star EVERYTHING! Nothing screams “Hollywood” more than bright, shining stars.

  • Use “vintage” tablecloths

Using black and white printed tablecloths will really add some oomph to your decor. Also, this makes bright décor really stands out! See example below:

professional décor hire companies








  • Add a stage

A stage is the most important setup of the whole party! The most important entertainment for the evening is an evening awards ceremony for your friends. Think of different informal prizes that you can give to all the winners. You can nominate and award:

  • The best dressed of the night
  • The best dancer of the night
  • The best hair of the night
  • The most funniest friend
  • The most irresponsible friend

Don’t forget that all winners must give speeches!

  • Add a red carpet

People should feel like absolute celebrities when entering your Oscar party! Also, make sure that you photograph your guests as they arrive so that they feel like true stars.

If you want to take the Oscars theme a step further, video record short clips of short interviews with all the guests on the red carpet. This way, during the evening, you can play the “who’s wearing what” and “who’s dating who” clips on a projector on the evening stage during the evening.

  • Bring out the Champagne and cocktails

Enjoy Strawberry Daiquiris, Pina Coladas and more with awesome alcoholic or non-alcoholic cocktails! Also, don’t forget to place a bottle of Champagne on every table!

Would you like to throw an Oscar Themed Party?

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