How to throw a reverse surprise party

How to throw a reverse surprise party

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Sometimes, an unexpected party is the best kind of party you can have. This is simply because, since it all sparked at the spur of the moment, you didn’t have any expectations that the evening’s events had to live up to.

This is another reason why surprise parties are so popular- who wouldn’t enjoy running into an unexpected festivity?

But if you really want to be creative now, why not throw a surprise party… for your guests! It’s pretty simple, just follow these few steps:

1. Book a day out and have your guests confirm that they will attend

All you need to do is tell them that you would like to see them that day, make it seem very important, and have them assure you that they will be there. Keep in frequent contact about the day, as a subtle sense of urgency, so that they don’t cancel plans last minute.

Alternative: Send your guests an invitation with nothing but a question mark, a date and a venue. If they start asking questions, simply have a ‘we will wait and see’ attitude.

2. Get creative with your party theme

A murder mystery, detective themed or otherwise bizarrely unexpected party theme is perfect for this one. If your party theme has dress up involved, you can do one of two things:

Give your guests instructions on how to dress two, three or four days before the time. It depends on how much they will need to prepare, but you don’t want to tell them too soon because it could give them time to figure your master plan out!

Or, make it your own mission to gather enough clothing items and accessories that suit the theme, so that you dress your guests accordingly as they arrive.

3. Have everyone gather at one spot first

You know how, for a surprise party, everyone keeps quiet when the guest of honour arrives and yells ‘surprise!’ when he/she walks in? How are you going to fulfil that part here?

Well, have an allocated spot at the venue (you serve drinks and snacks here, it also give your guests a chance to mingle) and make sure that they have no access to the main event. This is also where you can start handing out the dress up clothes and accessories, if need be.

Once everyone has arrived, enter the beautifully decorated party as a group! It will be fun to see everyone’s reactions, and it’s something that no one ever does!

4. Have surprises throughout the party to keep the excitement going

These surprises can be anything from small thank you gifts for your guests, a stunning cake, or a surprise guest speaker- anything that suits your needs and budget! Your guests will have so much fun, they won’t even notice the time.

When you start planning your reverse-surprise party, you may need a bit of outside help! You don’t want too many people to be in on it. Whether you need décor hire, furniture rentals, or even just a little bit of advice, we can help you!