How To Throw A Glamorous Cocktail Reception

How To Throw A Glamorous Cocktail Reception

cocktail wedding receptionAre you looking for an alternative wedding reception idea? Having a sit-down, traditional reception may not entice you- that's OK! Consider a more casual way for your family and friends to enjoy food and drinks together after your marriage ceremony- consider a glamorous cocktail reception.

Planning a huge wedding and a huge reception can add up to quite a large sum. We definite suggest that you opt for a relaxed cocktail wedding reception. If you decide to throw a cocktail reception party, take a look at the following tips:

Here are a few cocktail reception tips:

Pick your favourite location

One of the perks of hosting a cocktail reception is that you can host it at almost any location. Choose your favourite restaurant, art gallery or hotel, or even hire a stretch tent and set up your wedding reception in your backyard!

Provide different types of furniture

You can create almost any atmosphere you want! Add LED furniture to create a glowing, energetic mood for your reception; add lounge furniture, especially for older folk, so that your guests can relax in comfort; and add cocktail tables and chairs. Speak to our professional design and décor suppliers for more information.

Pick a décor theme

Choose between amazing themes for your cocktail reception, including a garden cocktail theme.

Food and drink

As you won't be serving full meals, make sure you present you guests with lovely hors d'oeuvres.Keep in mind that variety is the best way to cater for different dietary needs and taste buds.

As for drinks, depending on your budget, you can either provide a full bar or provide wine, champagne and a signature drink. Hire a slush puppy machine and serve delicious cocktail mixes at your reception.

Provide dessert platters

There are a few ways to present dessert. You can either serve finger deserts, such as waffles on a stick with different toppings or mini crème brûlées, or you can even opt for a chocolate fountain!

Book a DJ

DJs and cocktail receptions are a match made in heaven, especially if you're planning an upbeat, informal reception. If you are planning a more formal setting, opt for a jazz band or a violinist to play beautiful background music.