How to Plan the Best Matric Dance of 2017

How to Plan the Best Matric Dance of 2017

Matric farewell decor hireThe matric dance is a tradition honoured in South Africa and widely looked forward to by all students and parents. They see this as a milestone in a child’s life that must be enjoyed and photographed extensively. It is an occasion that should be marked with excitement as the students get to enjoy a ball with their classmates that has been prepared in their honour.

It is no wonder people go all out across the country. To host the best matric dance of 2017 you need to remember some basic event planning and décor hire fundamentals:

  • Venues can be expensive and so can push the price of a matric dance ticket into an unaffordable realm. Be sure you choose your venue wisely, based on both its size and price.
  • Traditionally matric dances were (and often still are) held on school property; usually in the school hall. There is no reason to push students beyond their budget by booking a venue that is unnecessary.
  • Your theme can still be awe inspiring in a non-commercial venue. With Unlimited Décor you can deck the hall, quite literally. This includes:
  1. Table linen- for affordable yet glamourous table settings
  2. Lighting- to ensure that all photos, taken professionally (or by cellphones in excited waves of selfies) are well lit.
  3. Themed Props- These will enhance your theme and carry it through the venue.
  4. Draping- This is perfect for matric dances because it will transform your ordinary school hall into something out of the movies. Paired with good lighting the drapery will create an ambience of glamour immediately.
  5. Candelabra- Let’s face facts, nothing says fancy like a candelabra on the table with freshly lit candles.
  6. Carpeting- so you can truly give students the red carpet treatment and have them walk the red carpet as they make their entrance. Make a show of the effort everyone has put in, like it’s a night at the Oscars!
  7. Furniture- seating and table plans can be provided in such a way that everyone will feel like they are on a throne for the night.

Matric dances don’t have to be overly complicated to be enjoyed. Explore all your options with Unlimited Décor.