How to plan a wedding on a whim

How to plan a wedding on a whim

Wedding accessories It could be that you don’t want to wait months to a year to marry your Prince Charming, which is understandable, or due to circumstances you only have a short amount of time to plan your dream wedding. Either way, there are ways to put together a magical wedding day on a whim. It sounds crazy, but it’s doable.


Here’s how:

1. Choose your location:

This may the most important aspect since venues sell out pretty quickly. However, you can always choose someone’s lovely garden and save on your budget. Your location/venue is the foundation. Once you have that figured out, the rest follows pretty quickly.

2. Ask for help:

It’s ok to ask for assistance. In fact, you’re going to need all the help you can get putting together your dream wedding – from delegating flower duties, to getting someone with good taste buds to find a delicious cake, while you try on dresses. Hiring your wedding accessories and decor is an easy and quick way to turn a dull location into a beautiful wedding venue.

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3. Get organised:

In order not to lose your marbles, you need to stay calm and organised. Compile a checklist and take it one step at a time. That way you won’t feel as overwhelmed – which will be completely understandable.

4. Decide on a budget:

Having a budget gives you a little bit of a guideline as to how big and expensive you’d want your wedding to be. This should be done early on to prevent unnecessary time spent on things you don’t really need – saving you money to spend on the important things.

5. Be flexible:

With a short-notice wedding, you’re bound to reach a few hurdles. It’s important to be flexible in order to adapt to what life throws at you. The last thing you want is to feel let down and disappointed. It’s your wedding day, enjoy it!

Bonus tip: It’s alright to get emotional. Embrace it. You’ll only be doing this once, hopefully, so enjoy the moment. Remember, you're marrying your Prince Charming – that’s all that matters.


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