How to Make your Winter Wedding Cosy

How to Make your Winter Wedding Cosy

Wedding draping hireWinter weddings can be quite magical if done correctly, and since winter is slowly approaching, you need to make sure you keep your wedding cosy during the cold winter season. Don’t let the temperature stop you, though. There are ways to make sure your winter wedding is as magical and as cosy as you deserve!


Here’s how:

1. Provide comfy blankets:

Your guests will appreciate it more than you can imagine. Provide warm blankets on each chair for your guests to keep cosy while they witness you getting married. Some may need it, others may not. It’s always best to come prepared, though.

2. Incorporate draping:

Draping can transform a cold room into a cosy environment by using the correct material and draping style. The best option is to consider wedding draping hire from a reputable company instead of purchasing material you’ll most likely never use again.

3. Play around with lighting:

The correct lighting can make any cold room feel warm; simply choose the correct shade of light. Consider implementing fairy lights and candles to create ambience in the room, and add a little touch of romance to your wedding reception.

4. Add a little bit of chocolate:

Chocolate, in any form, can warm up any heart. You can choose to have a hot chocolate bar for those in the food for a warm drink, and add a chocolate fountain for those in need of a sweet snack. Just remember to keep the chocolate away from your white wedding dress!

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Bonus tip: Choose the correct material for your wedding dress by having a look at YOUR WINTER WEDDING GOWN GUIDE to prevent getting “cold feet” on the best day of your life!