How to Have a Balloon Ballistic Bash

How to Have a Balloon Ballistic Bash

balloonsAs the years go by it feels more and more difficult to come up with new party ideas; brainstorming through the endless options of décor that you can hire is now a nail-biting task. Want to know a crazy way to get your event looking unique and unforgettable? Surprise your guests with an unforgettable bursting of balloons!

Here are the top 3 reason why using a professional balloon decorating service is going to turn your end year function, corporate family event or birthday bash into the celebration of the century:  

  1. Fun for games.
    You can use the element of surprise to your benefit with the magic of balloons. It is always a good idea to hand out prizes and rewards at your function and using balloons is a good way to introduce this ceremony. Choose a designated area where the ‘prize balloons’ will go. You can fill them up with glitter or confetti and have your guests have a go at popping one to see if they are the lucky winners of a special gift. If you want to keep it clean, you can simply put a trinket or piece of paper into the lucky balloons- just always make sure that sneaky guests can’t see that anything is in the balloon because of dark shades or heavy weight!

    You may want to read more on fun balloon party games for further ideas and inspiration.

  2. Deposit friendly.
    If you have a feeling that your guests know how to crank it up then you may be scared of losing your deposit on furniture or decor because of crazy mishaps and spillage. Keeping your furniture and décor down to a minimum is easy when your guests are distracted by the majestic beauty of 1000 balloons! Balloons can be used to make huge centrepieces, decorate pillars, create arches and build outstanding features.
  3. Diversity

There are endless ways to use balloons to reflect your party personality perfectly. Balloons come in all different sizes and colours, so sticking to a general colour scheme, theme and class range will be a breeze! It can be used to make a room suit anything from an elegant and sophisticated dinner to a crazy colourful and fun kid’s party. Balloons can be used to incorporate colour themes that match corporate logos or special public holidays at an affordable price.