Hot Décor Trends to Consider For Your End-Year Function.

Hot Décor Trends to Consider For Your End-Year Function.

neon furniture Birthday party, corporate event, and wedding décor differs. Décor trends come and go – but this year there are a few that seem to just stand out above the rest.

Use this guide to choose the best party theme and décor for your office party or end year function.

1. Neon Colours.

Maybe we need some cheering up, or maybe it makes us feel young, but there is no denying the popularity of the neon lights. Neon colors can be incorporated into lighting, glasses can be brightly coloured, one can hand out glow sticks (because even adults can’t say no to glow sticks) or one could even hire LED-lit neon furniture!


2. The rustic look.

This is currently a popular wedding décor trend but you will see the “rustic look” popping up in home décor as well. The rustic look fits the current hipster trend bringing in pallet wood furniture, market-type décor, pastel-colored banting and drinks served in CONSOL jars.


Moroccan and Sophia Town themes are also popular for their layed back style and atmosphere.


3. The swinging 20’s/Gatsby theme.

We like to escape from our lives to a time when things were just a little more glamorous and with the release of the new Great Gatsby movie 1920’s themed parties have become a huge hit. Think sparkling headbands, champagne fountains, feathers, pearls, jazz, music and loads of glamour!


Other glamorous party theme ideas include; a night at the Oscars, rock ‘n roll, Hollywood etc.


4. Anything colourful!

Fancy sit downs dinners have flown out the window as South Africans nowadays crave fun and colour.  This means Mardi Grass, balloon décor, and beach parties with fun and colourful cocktail bars.