Having a hoedown with helium

Having a hoedown with helium

balloon decorWhen planning your next big event or “hoedown” as we’d like to call it, consider introducing some helium to your checklist. Balloons no longer have to be associated only with children’s parties and minor celebrations. They come in various shapes, styles and colours – to fit in with any style and size of event. They’re light and easy to assemble, and make amazing statements without having to go over your budget.






Here’s how you can introduce balloons into your next social event:


1. Balloon Centre Pieces:

There are amazing things you can do with balloons to make your centre pieces, either stand out above the rest (literally) or be completely unique. Whether your décor falls more into a classic, sophisticated theme, or a fun, colourful hoedown – our balloon centre pieces will make any theme look amazing!

Balloon Centre Pieces

2. Balloon Pillars:

As a great entrance for a sweet 16 or matric dance, or even your next corporate event, balloon pillars set the theme of the event before your guests even enter the room. Available in multi-colours or two-toned, balloon pillars can make a lasting statement to any event.

baloon pillars

3. Balloon Arches:

Balloon arches make amazing photo booth opportunities! They can be as colourful as you prefer – decorated to suit the style of your event. Feel like the centre of attention by walking into the event underneath a balloon arch.

balloon features

4. Balloon Features:

If your style doesn’t include a massive balloon arch or bold pillars, and you don’t have tables for colourful balloon centre pieces, you can always choose a balloon feature to bring out the theme of your event. Depending on the focus, your possibilities are endless. From creating life-size figurines to hanging balloons from the ceiling – having a balloon feature for the room is a must!

balloon features


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