Décor Tips For Stretch Tents

Décor Tips For Stretch Tents

stretch tentsStretch tents have become very popular for weddings, parties and corporate events. These very versatile, temporary structures are an event company’s best friend as they are able to be easily erected and decorated to create the perfect venue for any event.

A stretch tent can be transformed into the perfect setting for your party with the help of lighting techniques, furniture and décor.

Décor for stretch tents

A stretch tent is like a blank canvas. You are able to take a warehouse, garden, hall or club and turn it into a wonderland. With the right colour scheme, décor and lighting, you can create any type of event you want.

Lighting for stretch tents

Lighting can set the mood for any type of event. For example, soft lighting will create an intimate atmosphere which is ideal for weddings.

Par-cans can be placed on the ground to shine up onto the tent surface. The light shines on the fabric and creates shadows between the curves of the stretch tent. You can also use different coloured LED par-cans to complement a specific colour theme.

Led Intel moving heads, UV and party lights are ideal for parties and events with a stage or a dance floor.

Fairy lights can be used for weddings or sit down parties to create a magical ambiance.

Furniture for stretch tents

If you need to, you can hire furniture for any type of event, whether it is a social, corporate, contemporary or traditional event. Find cocktail tables and bars, outdoor furniture, loungers, inflatable couches, LED illuminated cubes and more. See more…

Acoustics for stretch tents

Stretch tents can improve the acoustics of a venue, especially for larger, more open areas. This is especially ideal for outdoor events.

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