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5 Fun Balloon Party Games

Birthday partiesBalloons and birthday parties go hand-in-hand with enormous fun and memorable memories – regardless of your age. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we all like getting a balloon, so why not use those balloons in fun ways at your next birthday party!


How to plan a wedding on a whim

Wedding accessories It could be that you don’t want to wait months to a year to marry your Prince Charming, which is understandable, or due to circumstances you only have a short amount of time to plan your dream wedding. Either way, there are ways to put together a magical wedding day on a whim. It sounds crazy, but it’s doable.


Having a hoedown with helium

balloon decorWhen planning your next big event or “hoedown” as we’d like to call it, consider introducing some helium to your checklist. Balloons no longer have to be associated only with children’s parties and minor celebrations. They come in various shapes, styles and colours – to fit in with any style and size of event. They’re light and easy to assemble, and make amazing statements without having to go over your budget.





Illuminate your next party!



Glow in the dark parties are becoming ever so popular, for both adults and children. The colours you can play around with, the funky catering ideas, as well as the interesting fashion choices you can incorporate into the theme makes turning your next event into an LED Glow in the dark party of the century!


What are the top 5 decor musts for any event?

Here are the 5 top decor musts for any event:

  • Draping

Incorporating elegant draping wherever possible at your chosen venue provides a blank canvas for the rest of your décor / lighting and simultaneously directs guests’ focus to strategic areas. Draping is ideal for transforming unattractive spaces into magical wonderlands – it’s cost effective and adds a sophisticated touch to the look and feel of any event.



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