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Glow in the dark parties are becoming ever so popular, for both adults and children. The colours you can play around with, the funky catering ideas, as well as the interesting fashion choices you can incorporate into the theme makes turning your next event into an LED Glow in the dark party of the century!


Décor Tips For Stretch Tents

stretch tentsStretch tents have become very popular for weddings, parties and corporate events. These very versatile, temporary structures are an event company’s best friend as they are able to be easily erected and decorated to create the perfect venue for any event.

A stretch tent can be transformed into the perfect setting for your party with the help of lighting techniques, furniture and décor.

How To Plan A Memorable Engagement Party

Yay!! The love of your life has put a gorgeous ring on your finger!

It is almost time to start planning your magical wedding day; but first, you need to celebrate your engagement! Before you dive into the very stressful wedding arrangements, take some time to throw a wonderful engagement party for your family and friends - trust me, people that care about you would love to celebrate the wonderful news with you.

New Year’s Eve Party - 4 Simple Tips That Will Make A Difference

event entertainmentIt’s that time of the year again and everyone wants to party. But, a New Years’ Eve can be an amazing celebration – or a disaster.

Here are a few tips, based on those shared by Preston Bailey, on how to throw a successful New Year’s Eve bash.

1. Start the party a little later

Hire A Magic Wedding Decorator


bride at wedding

Are you in the process of planning your wedding day? We want to help you ease the planning stress and all the pre-wedding jitters that weigh you down from enjoying your special day fully.


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