How does food presentation change your event: do you want them to eat a lot or not?

Balloon Centre Pieces for hire

Food is high up on the to-do-list when you plan a wedding, corporate event or big birthday bash. How many people are there going to be? What are you going to serve? Are you going to have enough? Are you going to have too much?

An office party that will blow minds- without blowing budget!

Balloon Centre Pieces for hireCorporate Events are important for employee morale and productivity. You can’t skip or skimp on the office party. These events have been proven to increase productivity by creating better office friendships, office culture and a better team dynamic.

How to throw a reverse surprise party

décor hire for a surpise theme party Party theme level: excellent

Party planner skill level: anyone can do it

Sometimes, an unexpected party is the best kind of party you can have. This is simply because, since it all sparked at the spur of the moment, you didn’t have any expectations that the evening’s events had to live up to.

The art of stretch tent decorating

stretch tentsStretch tents are the saving grace for any event really. Hosting a classy event outdoors, but want ample space for dinner undercover? Stretch tent. Hosting a day event, where people will be in the sun for hours? Stretch tent. Worried about the weather on the day of the event? Stretch tent. Need an extra way to add dazzling décor? Well, yes- hire a stretch tent! It is the best furniture rental decision you can make.


4 Most Important Draping Décor Tips

Wedding accessories for hire

If you go to any décor hire or event organising company, it’s likely that you will find some sort of decorative draping hire service. It makes sense that everyone tackles this service, because, honestly, there is an endless list of styles and functions that draping pulls off. So, when you start planning your next event, keep these draping décor ideas in mind:


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