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New Year’s Eve Party - 4 Simple Tips That Will Make A Difference

event entertainmentIt’s that time of the year again and everyone wants to party. But, a New Years’ Eve can be an amazing celebration – or a disaster.

Here are a few tips, based on those shared by Preston Bailey, on how to throw a successful New Year’s Eve bash.

1. Start the party a little later

Décor Hire Check List

hired decor for events A while ago we heard a story of a lady planning her outdoor wedding, who was disappointed when, after buying whole lot of cute paper cups, found out that it would have been cheaper to hire real glasses.

Hot Décor Trends to Consider For Your End-Year Function.

neon furniture Birthday party, corporate event, and wedding décor differs. Décor trends come and go – but this year there are a few that seem to just stand out above the rest.

Use this guide to choose the best party theme and décor for your office party or end year function.

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