Bathe Your Year-end Function in Artificial Light

Bathe Your Year-end Function in Artificial Light

Planning your year-end functionyear end function not to be a boring repeat of what has been done to death can sometimes be a challenge, but fear not! The world will forever be able to recycle and repackage great ideas to create much needed new approach to planning an event.

Although everyone loves bare bulbs and dull light to promote that intimate and tasteful climate for your outdoor gatherings, these don’t really go a long way in, well, actually lighting your space and can take away from other décor you’ve used.

Relying on light alone to create an outdoor space could, alternatively, be a great way to frame your event, and can become a truly impressive feature. In fact, light has been used to stunning effect in many instances throughout history.

Perhaps the most well-known example of an event purely focused around artificial light is the Lichtdom, or Cathedral of Light, designed by architect Albert Speer in 1933. This event employed 152 anti-aircraft searchlights shone directly upwards to create a wall of light. Although this was meant as a show of the Nazi Party’s strength, it remains an iconic illustration of the powerful artistic effect artificial lights can add to any social event.

Artificial light has since also been used as a focal point in many outdoor and indoor events, also to remarkable effect – most stage performances make use of generic lighting to complement their music at live shows; some artists, however, prefer to incorporate light into their performance more fully. In the spirit of the Lichtdom, the French artist, Woodkid, has employed vertical white lights in creating a powerful atmosphere to accompany the delivery of his music.

Turning to lighting to complement your outdoor year-end function shouldn’t be struck off the options list too quickly. As this alternative holds many possibilities and will certainly be remembered by co-workers as something truly different from the hum-drum events they may have attended in the past.  

Take a look at our décor services, as well as the year-end function planning services we have to offer to ensure that your event becomes an iconic party in the history of your company.