Balloon Decor

Balloon Pillars, Balloon Arches & Balloon Centre Pieces! 

Using balloons is the most cost effective and colourful way to decorate a venue! Balloon décor never fails to provide a happy and joyful feeling for both the young and the old at any event. Add a bright, colourful and spirited mood to your next event with Unlimited Balloons. Whether an outdoor event, product launch, wedding, gala dinner, kiddies party or corporate fun day, we can brighten up your event décor with floating helium balloon displays for your guests. Hire our balloon decoration expertise for a beautiful set up at your venue - no event is too big or too small!

We Supply Balloons For Any Event 

Our professional balloon decorating service creates a unique and festive atmosphere for your event. We use balloons to create classy, stylish and elegant or just plain fun and colourful balloon arrangements. We can decorate your event with our colourful and inventive:

  • Balloon pillars and columns
  • Balloon features
  • Balloon centrepieces
  • Balloon bouquets
  • Balloon wall coverings and backdrops
  • Balloon arches, including spiral arches
  • .. and more

Let us enhance, transform and add the cherry to the top of your event décor. Balloons are a cost-effective way to enhance your décor theme and make any event look spectacular.

Take a look at some of our awesome balloon decorations below! We have so many amazing ideas, tricks and techniques to incorporate balloons into your event!

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