An office party that will blow minds- without blowing budget!

An office party that will blow minds- without blowing budget!

Balloon Centre Pieces for hireCorporate Events are important for employee morale and productivity. You can’t skip or skimp on the office party. These events have been proven to increase productivity by creating better office friendships, office culture and a better team dynamic.

But, you don’t have to blow your budget on renting out a fancy hotel’s conference hall. Get a size appropriate venue and add the whimsy yourself. By making use of equipment hire from an event hire company, you can up the ante of your event without spending most of the budget on the venue!

A themed party is a simple way to add pizzazz to your event and cause a buzz amongst your invited guests. Be creative! What have they been talking about while getting coffee? Last night’s episode of a popular TV show, visiting Japan or how they wish people still dressed like they did in the roaring 20’s? Having a theme party will also help the décor pop! While your guests mull over their costume ideas, the venue needs to be interactive and reflect the same theme.

Tv Show

Choosing one TV show as a theme may be too specific and leave some people feeling left out. By making the theme about television itself allows guests to come as their favourite characters and is an instant conversation starter.


Having an international theme like Japan, on the other hand, makes the theme easy to follow through according to food, décor and dress code. We should always practice celebrating different culture and all their beautiful, unique traditions.


An era themed party is varied and allows for extravagance. If you were to choose the roaring twenties. your décor could be based on the silver screen, black and white with plenty of glitter.

Interactive décor is all the rage so a photo booth or cut out is always a winner as it sports a built in keepsake. A TV screen cut out, Japanese umbrellas and a backdrop or a black and white photo booth are all theme appropriate and FUN! Follow through with the theme in seating, lighting and décor by making use of equipment hire. Turn this year’s office party into the best one yet, without blowing your budget!

Our gallery of images gives a perfect example of the fully decorated, marvellous venues we have transformed for other corporate events in the past.