6 Best DIY Photo Booth Tips

6 Best DIY Photo Booth Tips

Balloon walls, draping

Party booths are a must-have at all parties and events. Not only do they supply the perfect take-home souvenirs, but they also offer loads of fun for all your guests! Here are a few tips on how to set up the ultimate DIY photo booth for your guests:


Pick a spot

A photo booth will definitely be one of the hotspots at your event; however, you do not want to obstruct any of your other décor or dancing space. Make sure that the area you set up the booth in is large enough to accommodate the camera and a decently sized backdrop.


Pick a backdrop

Make sure your backdrop is large enough to accommodate enough people for group photo shots; longer than 1.5 metres.


Decorate the backdrop of the photobooth in accordance with the theme of your party using colourful material or paper, tinsel, draping, balloon wall coverings and backdrops, etc.


Set up good lighting

If the photo booth area will be lacking in natural light, you may need to use a spotlight and a photography umbrella to make the lighting more effective. You can also use different coloured lamps to vamp up the photos.


Provide Props

To ensure that your photos are fun. Provide props at the photo booth that your guests can use to take photos with. Hats, wigs, signboards, headbands, glasses, balloons, speech bubbles and fake moustaches are a few of the many props you can have available at the photo booth.


Pre-set the camera

A digital camera and a tripod is ideal for a DIY photo booth. Pre-set the camera timer so that the guests can take photos by themselves, this will save you having to hire a camera man. If you don’t want to set up a digital camera, have a selfie-stick available!

Print or Post?

Most cameras are compatible with printers, however, almost everyone at your party is bound to have Facebook, so, you can simply upload the photos to an album on social media.