5 Fun Balloon Party Games

5 Fun Balloon Party Games

Birthday partiesBalloons and birthday parties go hand-in-hand with enormous fun and memorable memories – regardless of your age. Whether you’d like to admit it or not, we all like getting a balloon, so why not use those balloons in fun ways at your next birthday party!


Here are 5 fun balloon party games to play with friends or family:

1. Balloon Grab:

Fill the room with blown-up balloons and give guests 2 minutes to gather as many balloons as they can possibly carry. The person with the most balloons wins!

2. Balloon Finger Balance:

Let your guests balance a balloon on the tip of their finger, without bouncing or dropping it. The person who can balance it for the longest wins the game.

3. Balloon Bop:

While trying to keep the balloon in the air, you have to bounce the balloon and call out someone’s name as well as the body part they’re supposed to bounce it with. This game requires fast thinking and tons of laughter.

4. Hot Balloon:

Very similar to musical chairs, the balloon has to be tossed around in a circle whilst music is playing in the background. The last person holding or touching the balloon when the music stops wins the game.

5. Target Practice:

This game requires deep breaths numerous times. Give your guests empty balloons to blow up and instruct them to hold the neck of the balloon closed to keep the air from escaping. Choose a target and release the balloons, seeing who can hit the target.

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